In 1977, I was an orphan...but I still got to see Star Wars!

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 9 of Citizen of Happy Town:

"One night - one memorable night - Lucie treats me to dinner and a movie. At the orphanage, we get to see movies but it’s on a medium-sized screen and they are a few years old movies like the whole Planet of the Apes series, Blackbeard’s Ghost or The Time Machine. We are, after all, just kids; old movies or not, as long as it means having a bucket of buttery popcorn on our lap, we’re happy. But now, Lucie takes me to see a brand new film, a super production in a real movie theater with a gigantic screen.

Lucie takes me to see Luke Skywalker take on the Empire.

She tells me a couple of days in advance and even has to show me the tickets she has purchased just so I can believe my luck. The news of my good fortune spreads throughout the orphanage at hyperdrive speed and makes the other kids madly envious of me.

When the big night comes, after a copious dinner at a restaurant, we take our seats in the theater. As the lights go down and the curtains open to reveal the screen, my heart starts beating to the rhythm of the famous opening scene with the music and the yellow text that disappears on the horizon. Each time something amazing happens on the screen, I turn to Lucie and smile at her in absolute joy. Each time, she answers with a smile of her own.

After the movie, Lucie drives me back to the orphanage, way past my bedtime. It’s so late in fact that the others are already asleep and the reel of Cat Stevens music has to be nearing the end of what must be its second run. I lie down in a comfortable and familiar bed, my tummy filled with restaurant food. I think of Lucie who had convinced the director of the orphanage to leave me in her occasional care by telling him she wanted to do simple things with me. She ended up taking me to a galaxy far, far away with R2D2 to save a princess.

I go to sleep the luckiest orphan in the galaxy. In the morning, I open my eyes to the other kids standing in silence by my bed and waiting for me to wake up at once so I can tell them the tale of Star Wars."

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