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In Citizen of Happy Town: An orphan remembers, the author tells us the story of his childhood, in the present tense, as he saw it during the long reflexion in which he plunged himself in order to complete his book. Steve Marchand was six years old, in 1975, when he was taken from his family and driven to an orphanage called Ville-Joie, or Happy Town. That's where the difficult quest to find him an adoption family began. He describes the daily life at the orphanage but also his experiences, at times good but at times shocking, with the different families who welcomed him "on a trial basis."

Please note that the author translated the book in English from its original French

Citizen of Happy Town is a tribute to the kindness of people and the proof it is possible to walk on the road destiny has decided for us, even if it is obscured by a thick fog.

Citizen of Happy Town: An Orphan Remembers is also available online as an ebook.    

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Please note that both the English and the French versions were both written by the author to ensure nothing was lost... in translation!