Steve Marchand is the author of Citizen of Happy Town: An orphan remembers. This book, translated by the author himself, is the result of an intense reflection by Steve on the years of his childhood during which he became an orphan. His story, told in the present tense, takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as the author recounts his long and difficult quest to find a family.

The everyday life at the orphanage and the experiences, sometimes good, sometimes shocking, with the different families in which Steve Marchand lived, are described with a focus on the emotions of the time as much as on the events themselves, which allows everyone to enter the story and feel its effects.

Nearly three years of reflection were necessary to Steve Marchand to write Citizen of Happy Town: An Orphan Remembers. The result is overwhelming and invites the readers to a reflection on their own past, no matter where they come from…

Q: Is it really you on the cover of your book Citizen of Happy Town?

A: Yes. The picture was taken a thousand years ago by my godfather as we filmed a short movie. During one of the scenes, I was looking at something in particular and I was asked to "freeze" so we could take a picture.

Q: You have a very sad look on the picture. What were you looking at?

A: I don't want to reveal that for now! I prefer to let the mystery grow around it a little!